How To Analysis BMS(Battery Management System) faults ?

How To Analysis BMS(Battery Management System) faults

BMS fault analysis method
1、Observation method: When communication interruptions or control abnormalities occur in the system, observe whether there are alarms in each module of the system and whether there are alarm icons on the display, and then rank them one by one for the derived phenomena. As far as possible under the same conditions, the conditions permit, let the fault recurrence, the problem point to confirm.
2、Exclusion method: When similar interference phenomenon occurs in the system, each part of the system should be removed one by one to determine which part is affecting the system.
3、Replacement method: When a module temperature, voltage, control and other abnormalities, swap the same series of module position to diagnose is a module problem or wiring harness problems.
4, environmental inspection method: when the system failure, such as the system can not be displayed, often we will ignore some details of the problem. First we should look at the obvious: such as whether the power is on? Switch has been turned on? Are all the wiring connected? Perhaps the root of the problem lies in it.
5、Program upgrade method: When a new program burned after an unknown fault, resulting in abnormal system control, can be compared with the previous version of the program burned to analyze and deal with the fault.
6、Data analysis method: When the BMS control or related failure occurs, the BMS stored data can be analyzed and the contents of the messages in the CAN bus can be analyzed.

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