How to do if battery pack can not charge or discharge?

battery pack can not charge or discharge

1. Battery pack can not be charged:

The battery pack can not be charged during charging, which can be divided into the following reasons: the charger is connected backwards or the charger is faulty; the protection board protection is not restored or the protection board is faulty; the battery pack and the external circuit of the appliance are disconnected. For the above bad phenomenon processing in turn: whether the charger is connected backwards, whether the battery pack charging positive and negative plugs are connected backwards; restart the appliance to lift the protection board protection, measure whether the protection board MOS tube has drive voltage; find whether the wiring connection is loosely disconnected.

2. Battery pack can not be discharged:

The battery pack can not be discharged normally when using, there are several reasons: low battery pack voltage, protection board or controller damage; discharge positive and negative terminals are reversed; line disconnection or switch is not open. For the above bad can be taken to the battery pack charging, find the protection board or line connection problems to solve.

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