The 2nd China(Shanghai)International Battery Technology Exhibition 2022(CBTE)

The 2nd China(Shanghai)International Battery Technology Exhibition 2022(CBTE)

Time: 2022.7.6 – 2022.7.8
Venue: Shanghai Auto Expo Centre

Exhibition Introduction
2022 Shanghai International Battery Technology Exhibition (CBTE) is co-organised by the Lithium 100, the First Lithium Grid, the Charging and Switching 100, the Shenzhen Battery Industry Association and the Jiangsu Power and Energy Storage Battery Industry Innovation Alliance. Ltd. and HeLi Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co. Concurrently: China Top Ten Brands in Li-ion Battery Industry Selection and Award Ceremony, Shanghai Smart Car Exhibition, Shanghai Charging & Switching Exhibition, Shanghai Wind & Storage Exhibition, 7th China International Lithium Industry Conference, 8th China International Electric Vehicle Charging & Switching Industry Conference, China International Wind & Storage Industry Conference.

Exhibition Scope
Electric core, positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm, aluminum-plastic film, steel shell, electrolyte, lithium-ion battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, solid-state battery, super capacitor, sodium-sulfur battery, lithium primary battery, zinc-manganese battery, alkaline-manganese battery, zinc-nickel battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, ternary battery, blade battery, fuel cell, solar cell, thin-film battery, energy storage battery and other equipment accessories.

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